Monday, 15 December 2014

Governance Now Interview

"ICHR is a general platform where all kinds of views related to history would be undertaken. And all opinions are welcome. But, in my view, for the past 300 years our history has been written from the western point of view. even the historical procedures are designed only by the West. Indian history was first written by Europeans using their own perspective. even after independence, our history is mostly influenced by the Marxist school which is also western. so far, we have not viewed Indian history from the Indian context. even after 67 years of independence we are not able to look at Indian history from the Indian point of view. It doesn’t mean that all western[ised] history is wrong. When we look at Indian history from the Indian perspective, we should have our own procedures to study, which we have not framed so far."

The full interview : Governance Now - Y Sudershan Rao