Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Comment given to Indian Express on 29th of Nov 2015

Here is the comment given to indian express on 29th of Nov 2015

The ICHR reviews the Research Funding Rules from time to time. This is a routine exercise. A committee of the heads of relevant sections and the RPC would review the rules and recommend amendments to the Council for approval.

Q.   Why the exception in case of additional funding for the annual conference of Indian History Congress been removed in the new funding rules? 

A:    Under my Chairmanship, the Council has ended the discrimination shown in the grants to professional organisations. Earlier, the Indian History Congress enjoyed special status. Annually IHC was granted money over and above ceiling for hosting its annual conference. Lump sum amounts and additional grants were also paid separately for holding panel discussions, symposia and other academic programs as part of the conference. The ICHR also reimbursed for travel of the foreign delegates to the Congress. We have corrected this anomaly. Only the previous Councils can do justice to this question as to why IHC has to be granted a special status over other organisations in this huge democratic country.